The topics we discuss can be tailored for an individual or a group (ex. Parents and Caregivers, Attorneys, CPA Firms, employees of a Support Organization, etc.). The information we provide is free of charge, and designed to help inform and empower those within the special needs community. If you become interested in any of the following topics, please contact our team.

Special needs planning

Planning centered around your loved one.

There are numerous government, legal and financial programs that can play an important role in the life of a person who experiences disability. Special Needs Planning is an important process that allows parents and caregivers to determine what programs are appropriate for their loved one. It also identifies how each of the individual programs come together to create a support network for the disabled individual.  

ABLE Accounts

A new way to save.

ABLE Accounts are a new empowerment tool that will help people with disabilities save for qualified disability expenses without fear of losing their federal and state benefits. This new legislature is particularly important for those who are on Needs Based Benefits (SSI), Employed, or going through Transition Planning. Washington residents can access ABLE Accounts through the ABLE For All savings plan. If you have specific questions regarding ABLE Accounts and ABLE For All, speak with our team.

Letter of Intent

A guide to caregiving.

No one understands your loved one as well as you. A Letter of Intent is an important document that serves as a personal roadmap to your loved one, and gathers all of the important details in their life. It also allows you to help make your wishes and expectations clear to family members, caregivers, and trustees who will assume responsibility for your loved one’s care once you’re no longer able. Our team can help you get started on your loved one's Letter of Intent.

Life Care planning Timeline

How do we know where to begin and what to consider?

Depending on the stage of life of your family and your loved one are experiencing, there will be varying topics to consider. The Life Care Planning Timeline is a visual representation of the numerous topics that may need to be considered while developing a comprehensive Life Care Plan.